Creating Financial Solution on Auto-Trading, Health and Food Through Social Network

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Know Tradimono | Financial solution to Auto-trading and social network

Tradimono is a platform that create Financial Solution on Auto-trading, Health and Food through Social Network. Tradimono was founded to eradicate poverty and create financial solution to people around the world. Tradimono platform simplify Autopiloted Social trading and as well incorporated social network to connect people around the world and make life  time recurring  income.

We provide food benefits for our members and each members have access to thousands accredited shopping mall using our Food Voucher.

Once you become a premium member, you will have access to instant health benefits and health care Card which can be use  to access Free Health Care or access to Free Telecom/top up services which can be redeem for airtime bonus, data, bills, cable Tvs and so on.

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secure money Free Top up Bonus

Every Paid User Will get $8

Life Commission Team $ 4

Premium Upgrade Charge $ 74.99

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Here are the services we offer to our Invaluable partners at Tradimono.

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