By signing up on tradimono, you will have access to familiarize yourself with our platform and then decide to invest in forex autopilot and subscribe to social network.

It's important that sign up users either invest in autopilot trading or subscribe to social network. Users that did not do any of these above may be deactivated within 1-2 weeks of registration.

Members can use the autopilot trading to get auto-profit on a weekly basis and we do not promise fix guarantee profit return as trade market flunctuates, fix profits cannot be accurately calculated or determined from the onset.

We have provided profit range based on investment capital and also incorporated a social connect system to back up all users to make money in both ways. A single capital investment with dual profits system.

Tradimono is for you to socially connected to others and make life time recurring income, and a guide for you to make money on trading as a beginner, sit and relax as pro traders do it all for you.

We also teach and build members on how to become a Leader ...

So, we welcome you onboard.

Tradimono social trading and network.

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